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    Fiddle bow hair
    Horse mane and Horsetail hair
    Horse hair mixed PP
    Dyed horse hair
    Horse body hair
    Horse hair sieves
    Horse Tail Hair fabric for clothes
    Horse hair fabric for decoration
    Goat Hair used for Cosmetic brush
    Fine tail hair
    Horse hair tail deep processing products
    Fiddle bow
    Add:anping county,hengshui city

       Anping ShuangMa Animal by products Factory located in Anping,China , where has more than 400 years history in animal hair processing. It is the biggest distribution center of animal tail hair in North China. There are over 50, 000 people involved in animal tail hair process and more than 1000 workshops. The annual export amount of animal tail hair products of Anping accounts for 40 percent of China and 70 percent of Hebei Province.

       Our factory has 34 years history since established in 1978s by my grandfather ,we are the third generation to do horse tail hair business. We mainly processes all kinds of horse tail hair, fiddle bow hair, horse mane, horse body hair,horsetail fabrics,......

    Fiddle bow hair
    Color:white, black, other color specification(inch): 24"--- 40&q
    Horse mane and Hor
    Color:black, white, grey, brown Processing types : Single drawn and do
    Horse hair mixed P
    Horse hair mixed PP could increase the flexibility of products ,and lo
    Dyed horse hair
    Dyed horse tail hair Color:red, blue, yellow, green and other colorsp
    Horse body hair
    We strictly insist in the export standard at processing animal fine ha
    Horse hair sieves
    Horse hair sieves as an completely man-made products , which is almost
    Horse Tail Hair fa
    Horsetail Hair Fabric is made with pure cotton or polyester fiber as w
    Horse hair fabric
    Horsehair fabrics for industrial use: Widely used in manufacturing bac
    Goat Hair used for
    We offer various goat hair. Goat hair is mainly used as writing brush
    Copyright:Anping ShuangMa Animal by products Factory Add:anping county,hengshui city Url:www.jaeam.com E-mail:info@cn-horsehair.com Tel:086-318-8097575